Wednesday, August 1, 2007


ABC 8 = Arkansas Bead Cave, 8th year!

The Annual Arkansas Bead Cave will be taking place this year the first weekend in October. I can hardly wait! I learned so much last year, and this year they have asked me to teach a class on French Beaded Flowers.

I am planning to teach the flower pictured above. It's my own creation, and while it isn't the prettiest flower, it should lend itself to being easily taught and easily learned. I'm hoping that my students will be able to take what they have learned and use it to make more aesthetically pleasing flowers.

The center of the flower is not my creation. It is actually a vintage earring that belonged to my Grandmother.
Here are other flowers made using the same pattern, but these have traditional beaded flower centers.

I'm hoping my students will get creative with these little flowers, using buttons or earrings or other items for their centers.

And I can't wait to see more people get hooked on making beautiful flowers out of little, tiny beads!

I need some company in this crazy hobby I have!

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